Sunday, 9 September 2012

S4.107 - Be A Sport

"So where should we begin?" Cosine mused. "Khan's not the only one with curriculum out there on the internet..."

"And mathematics has links everywhere," Secant observed.

Elly pressed both her thumbs into her index and middle fingers. "I don't think we should completely lose ties to current events. Hint, hint."

"Right, those paralympics are wrapping up today!" Root recalled.

"Good point!" Lyn said brightly. "Sports is full of statistics! Plus students may record the time it takes to do a particular activity, and try to improve over time - could be Linear!"

"Then there's the fact that throwing basketballs or hitting baseballs involves parabolas and assorted mathematics," Cosine agreed.

Elly smiled. "And how about the movie Moneyball? Sports happen on a budget."

"There's also the health element," Nat said gruffly. "Proper doses of vitamins, or drug testing..."

"Speeds for the marathon and 100 m are very interesting also," Secant mused. "But I'm not exactly certain what role we could take overall."

Root glanced around at the others. "Actually, I was thinking the countries in the paralympics. We could each choose a country to represent! Think of it, a personification for every country! ...why are you all looking at me like that?"

(It's All Been Done Before)



  1. Man, you sure have a huge variety of interests, and your math knowledge is WAY beyond me. You're Professor G to me.

    1. Jack of all trades, master of none... but some of the curriculum stuff came from staff members I work with, or internet searches, so I can't take all the credit. I also suspect I've forgotten more than I remember when it comes to university math. Still, thank you!

      And yes, sometimes I slip in music references to see who notices. ;)

  2. I was expecting the Bare Naked Ladies song tho. Just saying.