Sunday, 2 September 2012

S4.105 - There's Her Numbers

"Alright, video link is up and functional," Cotangent remarked, poking at her keyboard.

Reci peered over her shoulder and grimaced. "So now we've gone there too? Really? Even I know Jepsen's song is getting old."

"How soon you forget!" Sexi remarked, fluffing her hair. "Seven months back, we went there first!"

"Though (x, why?) goes One Direction better," Circe mumbled.
We Call Her Sextic



  1. There's her numbers: I laughed at poor Sextic's painful high notes! Who was the singer?
    We went there first - I knew I had heard those lyrics before!

    1. I did the singing. ^_^ I can do voices, even female-style, but quickly discovered I can't SING (in tune) that way. So I figured I'd just pitch shift the result -- and then it sounded like a chipmunk. Flirted briefly with the idea of getting someone external to voice Para, but deemed it too much effort for no benefit. Wrote "chipmunks" into the script instead.

      This video (and the startup of the school year) is effectively what killed the "Taylor's Polynomials" AV side of things. But given how 19 months later the video only has a little over 30 views, I think I made the right call... heck, my video recaps aren't even at a dozen views either.

      Regarding lyrics, I still remember listening to the top 100 songs to close out 2011, hearing "Call Me Maybe" and thinking "parodied that one". Then the US hears it, and it's the song of the summer in 2012, and everyone's parodying it - even at TMC12! Once again, I'm ahead of my time.