Wednesday 29 August 2012

S4.104 - Gamma Raise

"Are we gamma? I think that makes us gamma," Para remarked to Maud as Lyn and her group filed out.

Expona rolled her eyes. "Maud, you want some help dealing with Para?" the redhead asked. "Students say she's difficult to work with, plus it looks to me like you're an incomplete gamma function."

Maud shook his head. "No, no, we're fine, don't worry. I've got an integral role in mind for Para."

"Hey, does that mean I'm involved?" Cubi said in confusion.

"No, you should all... go about your daily business, I suppose," Maud said.

"Objection!" Toc stated, extending his arm out. "We don't even have homes to go back to now! Take that!"

"Look, how about we all report on news stories, whether we do videos or not?" Tangent suggested in a soothing voice.

"Oh! You mean like how Stephen Hawking will be at today's startup of those Olympics... which seem to be named after me?" Para asked brightly.

"Your disability isn't physical," Expona mumbled.

"I know!" Circe said. "We should point everyone at 'To Boldly Flee', the epic Channel Awesome scifi show that has part 3 coming out today!"

"Those guys aren't really in space," Nis protested, finally speaking up. "How about we report on the music coming back from Mars Curiosity?"

"Right! Laser robots - for science!" Hyper chimed in, rubbing her hands together. "Tangent has a good idea, let's all be honourary gammas! Any objection??" She looked pointedly at Toc.

Maud frowned slightly, glancing at Para for her reaction. The blonde merely smiled. "Well, I think that we should try it out to see!" Para suggested. "Yeah, Curiosity will never let me go..."

"Almost the lyrics I'm looking for," Maud concluded, motioning Para into the makeshift recording studio.



  1. So any preferences out there regarding group Alpha, Beta or Gamma?

  2. Beta, because I love Elly, not sure why. I once taught a girl named Ellysa, and on the day we were starting ellipses I accidentally called her Ellipsa, total honest mistake, but it stuck, and I never called her by her actual name again. She was also one of my favourite kids. And btw, I just now looked at your "character" page, because I wanted to make sure I was spelling her name correctly, and whoah! I love how you've grouped them by function families! Another level of connections to paint the big picture! And your open invitation to other artists to add to the diversity of the characters, it never even occurred to me but that would be so, so awesome, wouldn't it?

    1. Fair enough - my wife seemed to prefer Elly out of the conics too. (Or at least she voted that way when I did DITLife in the styles of my characters.... ) I'll end up bouncing back and forth between Alpha/Beta.

      The character families is actually what spawned the first three series', so when I got to this one, I was at a bit of a loose end - no group to centre on, thus the alpha/beta/gamma thing. Ultimately ended up making new characters myself... same as I'm doing in the diversity too. When no one else steps up, I eventually get around to it -- but yes, it's always awesome to see the different ideas of others. Sometimes those are the neatest solutions on math tests.