Sunday 26 August 2012

S4.103 - Subjective Viewpoint

"Okay, well, that's the exploring team," Lyn stated as Group Alpha headed off. "So who's with me and Cosine for exploring subjects?"

"Me!" Circe said. "You need someone capable of a hostile takeover if the need arises!"

The line facepalmed at the prospect of working with the circle again. "We really don't," she assured.

"Yes, there's no need to combine Lyn and Circe, not when Secant's already there," Reci pointed out.

"I nominate myself to go," Elly chimed in. "As the representative of Conic interests. Seeing as I also have some awareness of the world to which Maud and Radik referred."

"Huh, that's true, she's the one who was talking to me about tweets," Expona recalled. "Why didn't you speak up sooner?" The ellipse merely smiled enigmatically. Circe frowned, but decided not to protest the selection of her cousin over her.

"Well, my comlink with Lyn means there's little point me going along too," Tangent remarked. "So I nominate my inverse to join her group."

"Dammit Tan, I'm a doctor, not a group therapist!" Nat groused. Regardless, he stepped over to join the others, and Tangent flashed him a smile.

"There should be one more guy," Maud decided. "And you're already heavy on Trigonometry. Root, how about you offer your technical expertise? Cotangent can help us here in your absence."

"Sure," Root said with a shrug. "I suppose in some sense I'm the solution to a mathematical equation."

"That makes us the beta group," Lyn concluded.

"Meaning we've got all the standard features but are not yet ready for widespread release!" Root defined with a grin. As the other group members turned to look at him, he shrugged. "Or I guess we could be a social game. They're all beta on Facebook, right?"




  1. Ok so the alpha team is looking for personifications of other functions, and beta team for other subjects. Will they be personified too? Art for art, Willie for literature?

    1. Hm, spoiler? The subjects won't be personified any more than 'math' is a single individual... though I sort of like the idea in a deity sense. Do keep an eye out for nods to "Hetalia" and "OS-tans" though - sources of my inspiration.

      In retrospect, splitting the group the way I did was NOT smart, which I blog about after series 5. (I won't point there - definite spoilers.) But at the time I was writing this, I wanted to see which group garnered more interest (neither gets any), and see if getting ideas from people in other subject areas would drum up more readership (it didn't).