Sunday 19 August 2012

S4.101 - Group Theory


"Okay, our video episode got a couple tweets, over 100 hits and we've had a few comments," Maud remarked. "That's really good! The latest thing now seems to be Khan's success at Computer Science..."

"Oh, how does it compare to the Computer Science Circles instruction from the University of Waterloo?" Root wondered.

"Look, that doesn't solve our problem," Circe said in annoyance. "We've been cast off, set adrift from the math curriculum!"

"Yes, I can feel that," Para said sadly. "Though we still exist, it's without all our helpful children. Like x2 + 1, x2 + 2, x2 + 3 --"

Tangent nodded. "We feel it too, Para."

"(x + 1)2, (x + 2)2, (x + 3)2 --"

Cubi grimaced. "Hey, uh, Para..."

"2x2, 3x2, 4x2 --"

"Para!" Expona snapped. "We've all experienced an infinite loss! The question is what do we do about it!"

"We find a new curriculum!" Lyn said, clenching a first in determination. "I mean, didn't you see that Khan Academy website? There's so many other subjects out there that could use us!"

ParaB shook her head. "No. I think there are other mathematical personifications still out there, waiting to be discovered, as I was. We should seek them out."

"What happened to exploring this new world?" Maud protested. "I want to do more videos! Though... they do take a while to put together..."

"Split into teams," Sine said, crossing her arms as her command mode kicked in. "Alpha, beta and gamma."

Hyper glared. "You trig functions and your Greek letters... didn't they create enough trouble LAST episode?"


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