Wednesday, 15 August 2012

S4.100 - Yes We Khan

"Okay!" Root declared in triumph. "Me and Cotangent have hacked up a way to keep the story going on the blog!"

"And your 100th episode video is now up and running!" Cot said to Maud with a grin. "Don't worry if it pauses at 301 views by the way... that's more a feature than a bug."

"I've already seen it," Radik III said, shaking his head. "It's terrible."

"Hey, that took WEEKS of prior preparation!" Maud said in annoyance. "What's wrong with it?!"

Radik III eyed the absolute value function. "There's no robots."



  1. Bwa ha ha ... mine has a talking robot :)
    (Unfair advantage mine: I enrolled in 2D animation in January with the personal goal: improve on KA.)
    My exponent doesn't have a name... yet... but Miss Conception will be figuring prominently...

  2. Pretty sure I know the one you mean then, as I've been watching them and suspect you're the only one who did - very true to the original MST3K format, well done! (And yeah, "Huge" isn't an answer.)

    It's a clever name. :) Congrats on the initiative you've taken, and all the best with your goal!

  3. I hate to say it, because I think Sal Khan isn't all that bad, but the KA video seems very poorly done, not even rehearsed. Your comments totally make up for it though! Some math mistakes too, inverse. And nice to see all the 6 ratio-people together! Cloud, haha.

  4. I don't think he's that bad either, but I question the decisions made - like leaving old videos like that trig one up even after updating it, or branching off into other subjects rather than improving what's out there. Also his bicycle analogy (which I watched as preparation for this ep - and blogged about at ) was terrible.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the commentary though! I suspect you're the first person (aside from maybe my wife) to have watched that video with the context of the prior 99 episodes. No idea if that makes any difference.