Sunday 12 August 2012

S3.41 - Bar None

"So that's the situation," Maud concluded. "This may be our last episode together." He looked out at all the other parent equations, which he had summoned to his bar, in order to impart the bad news.

"I should have realized who Maud was from day one," Lyn remarked to Slope, standing beside her. "It should have been as obvious to me as your identity."

"We all should have inquired after his remark about parenting," Root chimed in. "Though it's not like this is his fault."

"So now we're... unemployed?" Para said, her lower lip quivering. "Does this mean no more form changes?"

"No!" Circe declared, rubbing her hands together. "We can take over another curriculum! Turn people into animals if we have to!"

"I think a hostile takeover is premature," Maud said carefully. "There's a whole other world out there to explore first. The very world that registers on your mathematical assistance scans."

"Is this connected to that Facebook thing we managed to access after the creation of ParaB?" Hyper said, crossing her arms.

"Or that odd sense of deja vu deja vu we've been having lately?" Sine and Cosine chorused.

"I've also heard mention of tweets!" Expona cut in, Logan nodding his head slowly in agreement beside her.

"Precisely," Maud said. "Having anticipated the worst, I've spent the last month creating digital backups and alternatives, along with monitoring current mathematical trends. It's time to show we CAN expand our horizons! To that end, I have designed our one hundredth episode in video form!"

"Hey, that's extremely positive for once!" Reci said with a grin.

"Problem," came a new voice. Everyone's eyes turned towards the individual standing in the corner.

Radik III stepped forwards under the scrutiny. "I have heard of this world. However, when Specials are accounted for, our group has already passed one hundred. The next episode will be something like 119."

Maud frowned. "I was trying to avoid overcounting like that, for fear that we would get cancelled in the middle of a sent


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