Wednesday, 1 August 2012

S3.38 - Slippery Slope

A few days later, everyone found themselves back at Maud's bar. This time, it was a farewell party for Slope. "It's not goodbye though," the brunette assured everyone. "Even though I'm moving back into the AZ, they passed the motion which lets me visit as Slope. Same as before."

At Maud's request, Para gave him a rundown of the events which Lyn and Circe had experienced. "Make no mistake, by the time we arrived, all the excitement was over," Para concluded. "Though apparently it's got Hyper interested in possible new applications for her asymptote rings."

"So it's a happy ending," Maud said slowly.  "That's fortunate..."

Para canted her head to the side. "Are you okay?"

Maud frowned slightly, then shook his head.  "Oh, fine, merely some things on my mind. I... well, I'll fill you in soon enough."

Across the bar, Tangent aka Slope approached Lyn, and held out a box. "Um, hey," the brunette said a bit uncertainly. "I got you a present. For going into the AZ and helping my sisters and generally being awesome."

Lyn blinked. "You... you didn't have to."

"Well, I did anyway," Tangent said, trying not to blush. "So open it."

Lyn smiled a little, then pulled the lid off the box. "Oh!" the blonde said in delight. "A pair of slippers! And they're ruby red, like your whole Trig Command motif."

Tangent nodded. "Not that you can forget me, what with our comlink, but it's so you know I'm thinking of you and... look, you get why I can't leave my sisters now, yeah?"

"I think so," Lyn said with a small smile.  "After all, what it really comes down to is... there's no place like home."


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