Wednesday 25 July 2012

S3.37 - Sing Song, Put Tan to Bed

"So," Versine concluded, looking towards the command trig, "Are we done with this enterprise?"

"For now," Sine answered.

"But we'll be keeping our eyes on you," Cosine added.

"Careful, you'll get a complex," the green-shirted trig shot back, before looking towards Expona. "As for you... pick your battles better. And maybe sing a showtune with ME in it for once!"

Circe blinked and also turned to the redhead. "Expona, you still singing? I thought you were giving it up because it added to the confusion between you and Para."

"Bah! I've decided that the blonde doesn't know musicals," Expona shot back. "So no, I'm staging a return. In fact, someone find me a microphone, I'll demonstrate..."

For her part, Lyn had spent the last several minutes with Cot and Nat, as the latter looked over Tangent. "She'll be fine," the medic finally said gruffly. "Just overexerted herself. Needs rest."

"You're sure?" Lyn said worriedly.

"Well, rest and food," Nat amended. He glanced at Cotangent. "Have her take two pie and call me in the morning."


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