Sunday, 8 July 2012

S3.32 - Done For?

Both Tangent and Cotangent reached down to their belts with their free hands. Holding the buckle, they tapped an index finger on the D; it slid off to the side, replaced with an R. The cones from their asymptote rings seemed to shine a bit brighter.

"Go already!" Tangent stated. "Save yourselves, before we run out of energy!"

"Aye! What we're doing, 'tis never been done before!" Cotangent noted.

"Hold on. I have an idea," Sine stated. She tapped at her own belt buckle, shifting it to R, then looked towards Lyn. "Though I'm afraid it involves using you."

Lyn quashed the sudden nervous feelings that Sine's request sparked, as she recalled the conversation at Maud's. "Wh-Whatever I can do to help."

Sine smiled. "My maximums and minimums occur at Tangent's asymptotes. If I use you as a denominator, I'll become a function bounded by your reciprocal... so even though those extremes will offset, they'll continue to diminish in value..."

"Aha! Of course, sin(x)/(x)," Cosine remarked. "Looking like that, Sine may be able to ride the waves off Tangent's asymptote ring, and damp down the explosion using her naturally decreasing amplitude!"

"Ach! What you're saying, 'tis never been done before!" Cotangent protested.

"It's fine, if it saves Tangent along with the rest of you," Lyn cut back in.  "Just, what will it involve? You perching on my shoulders or something?"

Sine shook her head. "It would take too long for us to synchronize that way." She took a deep breath. "I'm proposing a mind meld."

There was a pause.

"Well I'm nae repeating myself a third time," Cotangent said in annoyance.  "Jest get on wi' it already!"


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