Monday, 8 August 2016

S8.275 - A Tension

Yes, the Exponas are slightly different. And that’s entry 275. Comic #53. #54 if you count Strip 0, #55 if you count Tangent Pants. Every Monday without fail for a year while full time teaching.

And there’s been no activity on the blog for the last third of that (since March with WODB), my FB posts reaching about 10 people. I’m going crazy talking to myself. So I’m going to put more effort into parody videos and my time travel serial. From this point on, updates will be sporadic. Thanks for reading!


QEXPONA: Why are you running against Para? You’re splitting your own votes.
EXPONA: I’m tired of parabolas getting all the attention! Aren’t you?
QEXPONA: Those with the most visibility also get the most hate. That can’t be easy. I befriended my Para for mutual support.
QEXPONA: Besides, mathematics isn’t a competition for attention.
EXPONA: Without attention, I go crazy talking to myself!
QEXPONA: Ha ha, very meta.

Monday, 1 August 2016

S8.274 - The Rein In Splain

I was recently reminded of Math Misery’s post about “Annoying Function Notation”, which itself reminded me of something I saw on Twitter some time ago. I’m sure I’m guilty of trying to explain things when it’s totally uncalled for. Like the jokes.


QELLY: I’m not sure who to vote for. I thought more inverses would run.
RADIK: Well both Lyn and Rhys are self-inverses.
RADIK: Rhys even has similar notation to inverses, being x^-1. And thus his result varies inversely with the x-values input.
QELLY: ...
RADIK: Inverses are also gender opposite. Sounds like you should choose Rhys, the only male running, on account of those qualities.
QELLY: If I’d wanted you to mathsplain, I’d have said so!
RADIK: I believe the point is I do it without being asked.

Monday, 25 July 2016

S8.273 - Flash Point

Today's comic features guest art by John Golden (@mathhombre)! He's been looking at Math and Art recently, so see that page for many resources.

We put this together during a rare in-person encounter at "Twitter Math Camp" a week ago. I'm to blame for the inking. Check the mouse rollover to see about the writing.


ROOT: I think that graph was...
ROOT2: Such graphic violence, I...
(PARAs react to seeing each other)
ROOT & ROOT2: You must be from a parallel universe!
PARA & PARA2: But we can't be...
PARA2: Because we've met!
PARA (thinks): I was going to say that.
ROOT2 (thinks): This is so skewed up.

Monday, 18 July 2016

S8.272 - Word Choice

Anyone out there with a question for the panel? Or a thought of who you'd vote for? ANYONE? (TMCers maybe?)

This is comic #50, so it's actually double-sized if you click it. It also features the following commissioned artwork on the podiums:
QLYN by Meg Simmons
EXPONA by Shirochya


??: Give one word to describe your campaign, and why it's needed.
QSINE: Communication. We need to listen better.
QLYN: Bias. We need to acknowledge it.
RHYS: Originality. We need new ideas, like mine!
EXPONA: Change. We need a fresh perspective.
PARA: Unity. We need to work together.
VERSINE: Tradition. We need to crush 'new math'!
PARA: New math? What does that even mean? Are you against collaboration? Common core? Discovery learning?
VERSINE: Maybe. You'll have to vote for me to find out.
PARA: That's not how this works!

Monday, 11 July 2016

S8.271 - Talk, Show

The last panel is a call back to Entry #245. Signum's issue was first discussed in Entry #113.
Speaking of the multiverse, check out the Solution Squad comic! Math superheroes, more professionally drawn!


MAUD: Come on, step-sis. Let’s talk to some candidates before their panel.
SIGNUM: What? Fabricate more rare flannel?
QSINE: My key issue? Improvements in communication. Both between ourselves, and in the multiverse out there! (she signs with her hands)
QSINE: Sorry Signum, my sign language is rusty. (she signs "sorry")
SIGNUM: No, I understood! (she signs "thank you")
MAUD: Let’s interview Cosine too, is she around?
SINE: Umm... look there!

Monday, 4 July 2016

S8.270 - Unit Vector

Earlier this week, there was an article about how the standard measure of the kilogram may be changing. Related to this music video by the Doubleclicks. And I needed a punch line. Hope it works.


QQUINN: What's a vote for Versine do?
QLOGAN: Abolish calculators!
HYPER: Fight the system!
SLOPE: Promote change!
CANTOR: I worry about these high school functions sometimes.
GAMMA: Some lessons must be learned the hard way.
QLYN: Hey, Gamma? C-Can we talk about sexuality?
GAMMA: Sure! See, CanTor? Some of them are asking good questions.
GAMMA: Besides, we need to change too. Seen the news about our kilogram walking the Planck?

Monday, 27 June 2016

S8.269 - Separation Anxiety

There’s an article (in the New Yorker) about Andrew Hacker and James Tanton debating “eliminating mandatory high school math”. Combined with the recent Brexit vote, you get today’s comic.
Originally there might have been more individuals with Maud, but I started the sketching after 9pm last night.


MAUD: Versine, about your plan to build a wall around science...
VERSINE: New plan! Math will separate from the entire curriculum.
MAUD: That's... what?
VERSINE: We can’t have mathematics combining with computers or physical activity! We must keep our maths pure!
MAUD: That seems narrow minded and short sighted.
VERSINE: Expert opinions are irrelevant. Personal logic is everything. Public fear is paramount!
VERSINE: Besides, we’ll separate from statistics too, so we’ll never know if it was a bad idea.